Safety Features

For Unitrans Packers & Movers, the safety of your goods during packing and transportation remains a policy of most importance.

A customized safety process is devised to suit your specific relocation requirements.
Suitable vehicle will be devised as per volume of goods that need to be moved. This ensures that your goods being transported fit neatly into the given space, ensuring that jerks and bumps during the journey stage do not disturb the cargo.
International quality packing material such as bubble wrap and stretch film is used to cover the household items. This protects them against damages, moisture and dust.
Specialized packing for crockery and fragile items
Thermacol strips are used to cover the corners of glass-top tables and furniture to prevent chipping.
Naphthalene balls double wrapped in paper inside containers, to prevent seepage of strong smell which attracts pests and rodents, to your belongings.
Tamper proof sealing and locking ensures total protection from rain/dust/sun/water/pilferage.
24- Hour Customer Care & Toll-free facility.